Shamanic work

Connecting in with nature, and the signs that are all around us on a daily basis, are clues to what we need to address within. Experiential shamanic workshops will teach you the foundation of true health. Each workshop focuses on a different aspect of wellbeing.

Managing emotions, physical health, managing our thoughts and spiritual beliefs. We first need to define what needs strengthening first.

By having your DOB analysed I can show you what your Power Flower is  your most positive strength along with your shadow self traits. We all have a unique outline of personality traits that when in balance allows us to recognise the Soul self. This is the place where we recognise who and what we are in this life - the place of true happiness. This is the beginning point of your journey to your authentic self. 

From here we start to go deeper. Understanding your 'trigger points' and starting to release past emotional pain/hurt/fear/humiliation/trauma with the beautiful NZ ferns blend - will start you on a clearing process. This can take time depending on what needs to be cleared.

Seeds bring in new changes - working on the DNA, flowers - work on the personality level, trees balance the chakras, plants promote spiritual growth, Healers protection - and Shamanic are the warrior selection and work at a deeper level. Very often Shamanic essences are needed for deeper entrenched past life issues or deep trauma.